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May 15 CEO Meeting - Dr. Colleen Bridger from the City of San Antonio joined us to talk about the social determinants of health and the multi agency/jurisdiction effort to capture more critical information in this area. The slides from her presentation are here

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October 17- CEO meeting addressed the topic of the new Paid Sick Leave ordinance. Today we welcomed nearly 70 of our member organizations to our quarterly membership meeting. Today's topic was the recently passed Paid Sick Time ordinance. Thank you so much to San Antonio Councilman Manny Pelaez, Alex Birnel from MOVE Texas, @Salena Santibanez-Guipzoty from Gps Drywall, Stephanie Reyes from Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Deborah Fraser from Armstrong, Vaughan & Associates, P.C. and John Seybold from Employer Flexible. We very much appreciate you taking the time to help inform and educate our members.

The Nonprofit Council's Business Advisory Committee

Our quarterly Business Advisory Committee was held on September 5. Thank you to all of our business member attendees and to Leslie Palmer and World Affairs Council of San Antonio for hosting the meeting. For more information on how to become a for-profit member of The Nonprofit Council visit our membership page.

Benefits meeting with Catto & Catto

On Thursday, August 16 The Nonprofit Council hosted a meeting with our partner and TNC business member Catto & Catto to discuss the benefits package we offer to our members. If you are interested in health insurance and the many other advantages of being a member of The Nonprofit Council please visit our membership page

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