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TNC CEO Scott McAninch with Steve Goldberg, Kathy Cronkite
Author and presenter Dan Pallotta talks about the nonprofit "Starvation Cycle"

Issue in Profile is an annual event presented by The Nonprofit Council that focuses on current issues affecting nonprofits and the community at large. Attendees include community and nonprofit leaders , businesses and local government who lead and manage change within their organizations along with board members, philanthropists and funders who support the nonprofit sector.

 Past speakers and topics include:

  • 2019: Karen McCullough - "Change is Good, You Go First"

  • 2018: Karen McCullough - "Gaining the Generational Advantage"

  • 2017: Nirav Shah, Director of Social Finance, presented on an innovative model to finance effective social programs called "Pay for Success" 

  • 2016: Adrian Bordone (GuideStar) and Michael Thatcher (Charity Navigator) explained why they wrote letters to donors and nonprofits explaining why overhead percentages are not effective for measuring a charity's performance and outcomes. The speakers were also interviewed for The Nonprofit Council's video "The True Cost of Fundraising"

  • 2015: Vu Le, author of the blog Nonprofit AF (formerly Nonprofit With Balls) reinforced the need to change the conversation with donors

  • 2013/2014: Dan Pallotta, author of "Uncharitable" and "Charity Case", highlighted the absurdities of the nonprofit "starvation cycle" and potential solutions

  • 2012: Steve Goldberg, author of "Billions of Drops in Millions of Buckets", identified the problem of fragmentation of funding and dilution of impact​

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