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Get your business involved with the local nonprofit community! As a for-profit member of The Nonprofit Council you will be able to connect with over 200 fellow member agencies, all prospects who may need the products and services you offer.


  • HOLD QUARTERLY MEETINGS - Attend Quarterly CEO/ED Meetings: Business Members are invited to attend quarterly meetings alongside our nonprofit Executive Directors and CEOs.  The meetings allow for ample networking opportunities as well as a leadership development component to the meeting.

  • EXPERTISE SHARING - Create awareness of you and your company's expertise by having the opportunity to sit on various TNC committees alongside the nonprofit CEOs and Executive Directors who also sit on those committees.  Current TNC committees include the Leadership Development Committee, the Advocacy Committee and the Membership Committee.  Each committee is vital to the health of TNC’s mission

  • CONTRIBUTE CONTENT – Increase your brand awareness even further by having the option to be a contributor in our weekly Connections newsletter that is distributed to our entire membership

  • Board Training and Certification through BoardBuild. TNC Members receive a 50% discount!


Any for-profit company, small business, enterprise, startup or corporation that has an interest in expanding their client base through direct and meaningful involvement in the nonprofit community.  

For information on nonprofit membership click here

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