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Big Gig 2019 Yellow.png

Big Gig is a hilarious take on the traditional fundraiser. This annual event benefitting The Nonprofit Council implements a "Saturday Night Live" format to poke fun at the culture, people and news that make up the nonprofit world. Don't miss your opportunity to see the show the New York Times said was "not even on our radar". If you only see one nonprofit Saturday Night Live spoof fundraiser this year, make sure it's Big Gig!

Carlos Maestas of Key Ideas opened with standup comedy
Dennis Noll, Jenni Lord and Angela White present Celebrity Jeo-parody
Kim Jefferies, Katrina Campbell and Denise Thieme from Brighton Center present "Donor Dish"
Hosts Scott McAninch and Rene Garvens as Spartan Cheerleaders

A huge THANK YOU to our 2019 sponsors

Big GIG sponsors.png
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