The Big GIG: Saturday Night Live

Saturday, March 25, 2017
The Playhouse San Antonio
Doors Open at 7pm

What is the Big Gig?

The Big Gig is an opportunity for the nonprofit community to gather and laugh at ourselves, at each other and at nonprofit norms in general. Stealing ideas from Vu Le’s blog, this event will be an opportunity to examine, through laughter, some of the issues nonprofits struggle with in a very real way. Groups will be encouraged to put together short skits or films (5 minutes or less and there will be character (actor) limits. Following the format (stealing ideas) of other San Antonio events like Gridiron, The Big Gig promises to be fun, silly, and an opportunity to gather with your colleagues for a night of “this is so absurd it’s hilarious”…And The Big Gig supports a great cause, The Nonprofit Council’s advocacy efforts, which are focused on educating nonprofit stakeholders about the limits and constraints unnecessarily placed on nonprofits that prevent growth and outcomes. The Big Gig also provides opportunities for participants to raise UNRESTRICTED FUNDS for their organization.